Singing in the Rain

Photo by Magnus Magnusson

Stutterheim Art Director Andreas Bergman is giving us Stockholm Syndrome.

Spawned by a nostalgic longing for the simple rainwear of yesteryear, Stutterheim has quickly become an iconic brand as far as staying dry in style goes. Ahead, a chat with the brand’s art director Andreas Bergman reveals his favourite places to go when it’s pouring in his native Stockholm—as well as where to lay out in the sun when the weather permits and the spiciest bowl of soup in town.

Stutterheim has a very particular inception story. How have you helped manage to keep the brand rooted in its heritage during its explosive growth?

As we say melancholy and creativity goes hand in hand. In that case it would be very easy to say that our images and the direction of the brand should express rain and darkness. I believe that its more about expressing the feeling of thoughtfulness and creativity that goes with melancholy. We are working with great creative minds to push this idea a bit further with styling and photography but also in printed material and graphics.

It’s no secret that Scandinavian aesthetics are a surefire way to make any home look better. Could you recommend any places in Stockholm to pick up some really good local design?

I wish people would buy more used furniture and also would appreciate the design of something that is not typical classic Scandinavian. At the store Jacksons you can find some rare pieces but for new modern Swedish design I would look into ö

Is Stockholm present in your work at all? 

From our office we have a beautiful view of Stockholm. On my everyday I look over Riddarfjädren, Stadshuset and Hötorgsskraporna. So for me Stockholm is very present in my work. Also Stockholm is a great city to work in. It gives you a lot of time during the dark months to be creative and it also gives you a lot of beauty in the summer and autumn. Stockholm is also the name of our iconic raincoat that me and my friends wear whenever a splash of rain turns up.

Where do you go for a fixing of comfort food when you’ve had a long week of work?

Surfers. The food (szechuan) heats me up when its cold and the spices gives my brain a little spark when you feel a bit tired. I’m usually there once a week but I could eat there everyday.

If you could show any three people around town (living, dead, imaginary or real), who would they be? Where would you take them?

I believe when visiting a city its always more fun to meet the people living there than to go for sightseeing. A nice place to have a bit of fun and meet people is at Riche (preferably the little bar to the left on a weekday). It’s a great place for an early dinner which usually ends up in the bar together with old and new friends. I would ask Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Winona Ryder to join me.

Are there any places in Stockholm we should visit that would dispel this notion of Nordic “perfection”? 

Svenskt Tenn. It is a very cosy place with a lot of beautiful objects and if you get tired of all the colorful prints you could always go up the stairs for a glass of champagne in the tearoom.

Where would you recommend a traveling designer go to stock up on good supplies?

Mattonbutiken on Luntmakargatan or Pen Store on Hornsgatan.

If you had to design one object to represent your city, what would it be?

I would love to design a pair of cutlery. I’ve heard that the famous building Kaknästornet (a huge TV-tower at Gärdet) was designed after a pair that architect Bengt Lindroos made as a student. I also believe that the Stockholm food scene has exploded lately so in that way it would represent both the brutal architecture that I love and also something that is very organic.

Stutterheim owes part of it’s cred to the fact that Stockholm is such a rainy town. Where do you go when the weather forces you to seek fun indoors?

I would seek comfort at a nice pub. Tudor Arms is one of the cosiest and very British. If you are near Nytorget and looking for something more local I would hide at Katarina Ölkafé.

Alternatively, where do you run to when it’s beautiful out?

No need to run. Take the boat from Slussen to Skeppsholmen and lay in the sun. If it gets too warm you could always chill a bit at Moderna Museet.



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