Very Souperstitious

The temperature is falling and the days are getting shorter—the perfect time to put a soup on the hob.

“Soup is a lot like a family. Each ingredient enhances the others; each batch has its own characteristics; and it needs time to simmer to reach full flavor.”

We asked some of our warm curators and contributors from all over the globe what they’re ladling up these days.


Akane Margarita Ichikawa, journalist LOST iN, Tokyo:
“One of my favourite Japanese soups is ‘zouni’—a ceremonial dish eaten on New Year’s Day. It usually contains mochi (rice cakes) but some recipes use taro, tofu or flour dumplings instead. In fact, there are many regional variations of this soup in Japan. My parents are from the Kanto region so our zouni consisted of mochi, shiitake mushroom, chicken, and carrot cut into a flower shape. Some regions add miso to the soup but ours is a clear soup made from katsuo-bushi (dried bonito flakes), kombu (kelp), mirin (sweet rice wine), soy sauce, sake and a pinch of salt. Finally, it’s garnished with an aromatic herb called mitsuba and zest from the yuzu citrus fruit. It’s a complete, well-balanced meal in itself. Its savouriness is always a nice break from ‘osechi’ (classic New Year cuisine packed inside special boxes called ‘jubako’)—which tends to taste sweet and/or sour.”

carola schmidt

Carola Schmidt, singer & performer, LOST iN Vienna / Berlin:
“I opt for a home-made chicken soup at moment. But please make sure to use organic chicken and not use ordinary poultry products. For dessert I serve ‘Mohnnudeln’ (potato noodles with melted butter and poppy seeds)—a classic Viennese dish. Yummy.”

anja simona

Anja Simona, journalist LOST iN, Berlin / Bogotá
“My favourite soup is ‘ajiaco’. It’s a chicken, corn and—up to three kinds of—potato stew typical of the mountain regions around Bogotá. It’s made slowly and with tons of love. And the special ingredient is the herb “guascas” (galinsanto), which is actually considered a weed in most other countries. The soup is also made with corn on the cob, which is like a little prize in your bowl. And it should be served with a big slice of avocado, normally in a clay bowl.”


Filippo Minelli, artist,  LOST iN Milan / Barcelona
“Funny this soup thing. I’m actually super into soups—I feel like a grandma. My best for a while is ‘Sundubu jjigae’ a Korean spicy soup with soft tofu. It can be with veggies or fish, or some other meat. I usually go for the vegetarian version. To stick with the Korean theme, if you’re into seafood go for this spicy seafood soup with lemongrass (pictured)—it’s a killer too.”

Simon Husslein

Simon Husslein, Designer, LOST iN Zurich
“I cook an ‘international’ carrot-ginger soup. My personal recipe is, for four servings:
500g carrots
1 ginger, thumbs-up
1 large potato
1 shallot
500ml chicken broth
500ml orange juice
And according to your mood:
Soy sauce
Cream fraîche or cream
Coriander (fresh)

Serve warm, ice-cold or hot!”

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