Family Matters

A Catalan hole-in-the-wall and its knockout seafood.

Walk by too quickly and you’ll miss it. Behind a curtain of hanging hams along a tiny side street in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter awaits a cramped cavern of culinary wonders. Namesakes Marí and Rufo are the head honchos at this family-run establishment—where you’ll be led into a back room, served whatever the house is eager to recommend and slowly join the crescendo of voices to become a part of the raucous conversation. Quiet and intimate, it’s not. But the stone-seared steak—brought out to cook at the table—, razor clams and “pulpo a la gallega” would have you yelling out in glee anyway.

Find some of Barcelona’s best seafood at Casa Marí y Rufo, on Carrer de Freixures 11 in El Gotic, Barcelona

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