Bust a Move

Photo by Alban Gendrot

Paris’ most storied dance floor beckons.

Perched above famed Boulevard Poissonnière lies not only one of Europe’s best house clubs, but one of its oldest. That’s right, French and international dancers alike have been cutting Rex Club‘s rug since 1980. That’s when the storied nightclub, located beneath the Grand Rex movie theater, first opened its doors to the raving masses. The rest, as they say, is history. One marked by a steadfast commitment to showcasing the best DJs from around the world. Among them is founding artist Laurent Garnier, front and center as one of the historic supporters and hosts of what remains, to this day, one of the best regular parties to be had at Rex Club. So after you’re done with your canal-side strolls and wicker chair people watching, what about a romp in a piece of European dance history?

Rex Club, 5 Boulevard Possonnière, 2nd Arrondissement, Paris



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