Naples via Kreuzkölln

Could this hidden pizzeria boast Berlin’s best slice? 

Tucked away in a leafy hinterhof, between the city’s most popular ramen joint and a shiny new Mexican eatery lies the bubbly, chewy, crispy pie to end all Berlin pies. We’re talking about Zola, a Neapolitan pizzeria that quietly snuck in to the canalside restaurant row and has been killing it ever since. The mandatory wood-fired oven is there to greet you at the entrance, maybe even keep you company while you wait for a space to free up. The secret’s gotten out, so you definitely won’t be dining solo. In fact, the rowdy dining room is anything but a romantic setting. Think clinking glasses, lively conversation and industrial machinery on display. And the best damn pizza this side of the boot. If the classic margherita doesn’t tickle your fancy—and it should—, go all-out with the spinogatta, an explosion of salty mozzarella and thinly-sliced cured meat that packs a spicy punch. Lastly, if you’re in luck, Concierge Coffee will be open right next door for a cup of the good stuff to send you home.

Zola, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, Kreuzberg, Berlin

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