Love Letters from Warsaw

The city through an artist’s eyes.

When he’s not busy creating sublimely ironic pieces of landscape art, LOST iN favourite Filippo Minelli is travelling the world. Many times, both these endeavors coincide, which is precisely what has happened with the Italian artist’s latest dispatch from Warsaw—a city we’ll be able to tell you all about come Monday. In the meantime, we leave you with this surreal moment captured in Warsaw time, and a little description about the city from the artist himself. Check back on Monday to order our newest city guide.

“Warsaw is the kind of place where some rules are written but others are flexible, where being in touch with humans comes before restrictions. Maybe the Soviet time made public space so alienating that people had to make it personal again with small details—leaving traces of their lives. You can still see it despite the development, and locals get along with this aesthetic pretty well; the romantic, dismissed areas, modernist neon-culture, the photoshop-ad era and contemporary investment mix with political tension and religious power. It’s a welcoming, rough place based on tangible things. The kind of city you love if you are into some kind of poetry.”

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