Blink And You’ll Miss It

Bone Berlin whips up some mean huevos rancheros

A stay-on-your-toes guide to some of Berlin’s best pop-ups.

From a thriving arts scene to a burgeoning foodie movement and an established reputation as clubland, Berlin is not exactly the kind of place you could complain about not offering enough activities. But sometimes there really isn’t anything around to scratch that particular itch. Which is why we’re grateful for the ephemeral warriors of the food scene, those cookers and shakers that swoop in to save the day—on a very sporadic basis. Below, a handful of our favourite pop-up eateries. Here’s hoping for the brick and mortar versions soon…


Thanks to the beloved taco, we all know how glorious the collision of corn flour and slow-cooked meats and beans can be. But we’ll take your tortilla and raise you a bit of Venezuelan magic—to give you the arepa. These round maize flower buns can be fried, steamed or baked and are usually found overflowing with flavour via all kinds of fillings. A relatively underground phenomenon, Berlin has slowly been discovering this Venezuelan street food staple thanks to the folks over at Kärrecho, who take over various locations around the city at different times during the month to make sure the love is spread far and wide. From black beans and cheese to pulled beef and the classic “reina pepiada” (a creamy mix of avocado, chicken and coriander), there’s a few reasons to mark this pop-up in your calendar. Check their Facebook for dates and locations.

Breakfast & Vinyl Market

Berlin is in the throes of a breakfast revolution. Everywhere you turn on any weekend morning, you’ll find eggs a million ways, french toast with all the bells and whistles and avocado anything. Ingenious minds that they are, the folks behind Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg came up with the most Berlin of marriages—the Vinyl and Breakfast Market. One Sunday a month, the city’s finest foodmakers descend upon the market to prepare their frühstück freshest, from Korean congee to waffles and eggs benny. The deliciousness is offered alongside a selection of stands manned by Berlin clubs, labels and record merchants—all there to peddle their wax. The conundrum, of course, is deciding what to eat and which records to take home. Such is life. 


These days, you’d be hard-pressed to wander any big city without bumping into a ramen joint. Pretty much every cosmopolitan hub around the globe has been swept up by noodle soup madness—and is probably all the better for it. Once you’ve mastered your shios and tantanmens, go one step further and explore Malaysia’s answer to the bowl of ramen. Known as Laksa, the typical dish consists of coconut milk, shrimp or chicken and tons of heat. Those without any gastronomically-inclined Malaysian friends in Berlin can find it via Laksa Berlin, which hosts pop-up soup nights at restaurants around town like Industry Standard, CABSLAM and Santa Cantina. Check their page for updates on the pop-up events.


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